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Thursday, August 1, 2013

will it be tomorrow

will my life better than today
will my life happier than today
will I still alive..
will being around

do I have my chances
can I get my leeway..
do I change better
or do I become worse

if and only I still have it
will I lost..
will I loss everything I have
or will I gain what I want
or will I able to have it back
the loss of it

do I still have the memory of the day before
do I still able to perform like a normal person
do I still a human..
can I being call a human

will I left
will I gone forever
if I die tomorrow...
what will happen..

what will be..
will be no matter how
no matter what
no one can stop the time
no one can stop the day
no one can change what will happen

just lie on it
live it on your way
go with the flow
through thick and thin
face it with smile

thought will it be tomorrow
hopefully there will be tomorrow..